Here at the Rockumentalist we’re constantly scouring the web for all the best FREE music documentaries and videos, available for you to view online now at no charge. Yes, that’s zero charge. Nada. Nothing.

rock·u·ment·al·ist n. A specialist in searching the internet for music-related documentaries, biopics, classic TV programmes and series; a rockumentary obsessive.

(From ‘documentalist’, a kind of librarian who specialises in assisting researchers in their search for scientific and technical documentation. Documentalists are professionals who search databases on the behalf of users.)

Blockbuster we ain’t. And all of these movies are hosted elsewhere – we just don’t have the bucks or bandwidth to run a full-on streaming service. But we hope you find what you want in one of the collections we curate and, along the way, maybe enjoy a few of the other absolute gems we have discovered.

If you’re looking for something in particular, why not drop us a line? We can’t guarantee we’ll find it – but we’re hunting all the time.