I started Rockumentalist.com when it occurred to me there might be other people who loved rocumentaries just as much as I did. I often spend hours (sometimes weeks!) tracking down a watchable copy of a specific film or programme, and from time to time I find a whole bunch of new ones – so why not share the effort and make them available all in one place?

Everything here is created with a passion for music documentaries and music films of all types – visitors are encouraged to add comments about any they like or dislike.

Rockumentalist.com offers full, watchable rockumentaries and information on music-related films and TV programmes, quoting reviews from trusted sources wherever possible. Everything is classified in categories and with searchable tags to help you easily find what you are looking for. If you decide to buy a copy of your favorite rockumentary – and it is currently available – we provide links to online sellers. Some of these links are ‘affiliate’ links, the referral fees for which pay for hosting, etc. to help keep the site running and up to date.

If you’d like more information about Rockumentalist.com or you have something to ask which is not covered in our Terms of Use/Privacy Policy, FAQ page or Comment FAQ than please contact me here. Or stay in touch with our latest finds and ever-expanding collections through one of th easy subscription methods.

I really hope you enjoy Rockumentalist.com